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Providing insights for better understanding
and decision making.

NorgesBarometeret is a full-service market research agency that has conducted opinion polls, surveys,and analyses since 2005.

We conduct regular population surveys and surveys aimed at the business sector through both quantitative and qualitative methods. NorgesBarometeret is also the only agency that regularly conducts surveys against municipal politicians, mayors, and municipal directors. In addition, we also work extensively with different member organizations and have developed our own standard membership survey.

The main objective of NorgesBarometeret is to provide our clients with valuable insights and information about the Norwegian market, allowing them to make informed business decisions. The company works with a wide range of clients, including businesses, government organizations,and non-profit groups.

At NorgesBarometeret we give our customers better insight and understanding of the target groups that matter to them. We like to be challenged, whether it's hard-to-reach audiences or questions. Together we make sure that the right questions are asked.


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Daglig leder/CEO

Øystein H.S. Moen

om@norgesbarometeret.no+47 900 10 869

Marius A. Flaget

maf@norgesbarometeret.no+47 969 14 283